Masaryk Community Gym

The Masaryk Gym initiative, established in 2022, aims to create opportunities for local talent and foster a sense of community through basketball in the LES community.

Return Policy

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following terms shall apply to any purchases and sales made at the Aimé Leon Dore store located at the Masaryk Community Gym, 69 Columbia St, New York, NY, 10002 ("ALD Masaryk"):

• All sales final. All purchases and sales made at ALD Masaryk shall be final and not subject to returns, either for a refund (whether via online or otherwise) or store credit in any Aimé Leon Dore location.

• Payment methods: No cash policy. ALD Masaryk shall only accept payments via credit/debit cards, digital payments (e.g. Apple Pay) and shall not accept cash payments for products or membership services, if any, at this location.

• Gift cards and store credits: Gift cards purchased online or at another Aimé Leon Dore retail location shall not be accepted at ALD Masaryk. In addition, ALD Masaryk shall not redeem any store credit earned at another Aimé Leon Dore location or credit earned via online sales.